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Hightlight* Facts about Mothers Day that You Didn’t Knows

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Mothers Day Facts that No One Knows – No matter where you are in the world, there is a singular day dedicated to the mother which brings an essential opportunity for every one of us to showcase our immense respect, care, and love towards our beloved mom.  There is a universal appreciation for mothers everywhere. But did you know about the origin, traditions and some other interesting things of Mothers Day, so to know more just go through our article and read out exciting facts about Mothers Day.

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Facts about Mothers Day

While the mother is a good enough reason to celebrate Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday, there are a ton of things worth knowing about this glorious holiday. Here we have shared some wonderful and unique facts about Mothers Day.

Amazing Mother Day Facts

  • According to the ancient myths, Greeks and Romans celebrated the festival of Mothers Day, by honoring the goddess Cybele, who was known as great mother earth and goddess fertility and Rhea, mother of all deities.
  • Mothers Day become recognized holiday in the USA in 1914.
  • The very first Mothers Day was celebrated in the year 1908 which was invented by Anna Jarvis who inspired by her own mother. She founded the Mother’s Day International Association and even trademarked with the phrase “Mother’s Day”.
  • A social activist, poet and writer Julia Ward Howe who first brought the idea of a celebration of Mothers Day in 1872. She staged an unusual protest in Boston for peace by commemorating a special day for mothers. She wanted to grab attention to the need of peace by pointing out women who were left alone after the death of their sons and husband after Franco-Prussian
  • Japan’s Imperial family named their ancestry to Omikami Amaterasu, as the ‘Mother of the world’.
  • In the Bible, Mothers Day eve is credited with the ‘Mother of All the Living’.
  • In the vast majority of numerous worlds’ languages, the word for “mother” starts with the letter M.
  • Mother’s Day is the 3rd most popular holiday in the world second to only Christmas and Easter festival.
  • The most common flowers for Mothers Day is the simple carnation, pink & red flowers for moms who are alive and white for those who have passed away.
  • In the US the amount of money spend on Mothers Day is approximate $ 14 billion.

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