Android Casino Roulette — The Basics

  • Sunday, Jul 25, 2021

Roulette is one of the most common table games that you'll come across at an Android casino. The game comes with simple gameplay, and it is easy to understand. The roulette game is a game of chance and winning depends on luck. But there are ways you can use to improve your winning chances. This article will discuss all you need to know before getting started. So ensure you read till the end. If you want related topics, check out 1-onlinecasino-canada

What are the types of Roulette that you can play?

As a new Roulette player, the first question that you need to ask yourself is “What type of Roulette are available” Basically, there three major variants of the Roulette game. Though there are other types, they all fall under these main variants. These include the American Roulette, European Roulette, and French Roulette. Players should keep in mind that these variants differ from one another. They might come with additional rules, but the concept of the game still remains the same.

  • American Roulette — consist of 38 numbers. These include number 1 to 36, double and single zero pockets.
  • European Roulette — consist of 37 numbers. These include number 1 to 36 and single zero pockets.
  • French Roulette — Similar to the European Roulette, but has its best name written in French.

In addition to that, you should know that the American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26%, while the European Roulette has a house edge of 2.7%. How does the house edge affect the player? The house edge gives the house or the casino an advantage over the players. So the higher the house edge, the more winnings the casino will record over the players. That being said, it's highly recommended that you should play more of European and French variants of Roulette.

Once you have determined the type of Roulette games that you should play, the next thing is to get familiar with the bet types. Roulette has two main bet types — Inside and Outside bets. The inside bets are bets that can you can place on the numbers within the game’s wheel. Examples include Straight Bets, Line Bets, Split Bets, and more. One thing to note about inside bets is that they pay out more, but comes with a high risk.

On the other hand, the outside bets are bets that you can place on the additional section of the game's table. These include odd or even, high or low, column, black or red, and dozen bets. One advantage that outside bets have over inside bets is that it comes with higher odds of winning. However, the payout is small. Players that are new to Roulette should place more outside bets. Besides that, you should get familiar with the various Roulette strategies, including Martingale, James Bond, D'Alembert, etc/